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Webster Hardness Tester

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dalen's closet transcript

Webster Hardness Tester
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(mouth smacking) Oh, it's like drinking flowers. That's pretty good, pretty good. All right, that finishes--. So new top of the round. MARISHA: Yeah, am I there? I can't believe they don't have any ale here. MATT: This mist is also going to drift away. Angrily hisses in your direction. ASHLEY: I think he's still probably-- Sleeping, I think a lot of--. Percival, you are right there. MATT: (whispered aside) "Nothing this sweet, right?". LAURA: Grog, of course you can. You're still quite a distance. From under the cloak, as it opens, you see a familiar set of black leather armor, feathered mantle, and black hair, as Vax'ildan, the eternal champion, companion to the Raven Queen, steps for the first time in over a year, briefly on this mortal plane. We making money still? That's really nice. LAURA: Definitely not wearing it already. MATT: Both in a bad place. MARISHA: I got you. MATT: All right, thank you guys, we love you. TALIESIN: Grand Poobah of Flowers and De Doinks. MATT: Okay, that'll get you 30 feet. TRAVIS: My dances are five dollars for the first hour. Oh, 29 to hit. Might back me up a little bit. MATT: He's unable to turn into mist form while in the sunlight, that was just like four damage over his maximum. MATT: No, you have to roll another athletics check, man. LAURA: Grand Poobah of Flowers and De Doinks. Lord and Lady de Rolo? SAM: Derrig, do you track, are you a tracker, can you track? MATT: Three, you're kicking and you're starting to spin, you're not getting any sort of movement under the water. SAM: I think that's how that spell worked, right? And I will go into a frenzied rage. ♪ He has tattoos and he owns a sword ♪ It will sustain both of you, as well as your many, many fancy children, for eternity. SAM: Well, I'm assuming he's very powerful. MATT: I think it's you get to attack the first one and then--. TRAVIS: I will do the second one with Great Weapon Master, reckless. MATT: Let me double check here, as far as the racial notes. Natural 20. TRAVIS: It's kind of cocked. LIAM: Sorry, if this is being presumptuous, the Voice of the Tempest is working on your speech, I'm hearing things get thrown around a little bit, but I'm sure it's going to be fine. MATT: He turns into mist from the impact, you are no longer grappled. TALIESIN: Well, I mean like I might have had one of the most basic guns, but that would have been all of it. You see Gilmore stand up from his chair and go, "What's going--on--" And falls back into the sand. LIAM: I didn't know if I should speak up or not. Shit, I'm doing Vax's voice. Shamal is the arabic word for "North" or "the North Wind", as the port city is located in northern Marquet. TALIESIN: My sword on my belt, like just twist it around it. (gentle music). MATT: Two more attacks, that definitely hits, a natural 18. SAM: Yeah, maybe I'll even write a song for you, Derrig. LIAM: As they leave and walk down the hall, passing Keyleth's room, Derrig is standing outside on guard. ASHLEY: Okay, so, I am going to cast Mass Healing Word. You're looking for the wedding planner? SAM: Whoa! By the grace of ancient shadows stirred by a love unending, my soul was scattered beyond life and brought back twice now. LAURA: No, darling, we've been living in sin this entire time. LIAM: They all look alike. They're just--", MATT: "--gifts from folks who could not be here, I think. TALIESIN: I know. volleyball-looking little fuck. MATT: You take eight points of piercing damage, reduced to four. Well, I know how many I have so this is one and two. MATT: You (sloshing water) into water elemental (watery explosion) and coast right into the waves. TALIESIN: I'm going to try. MATT: You got Keyleth, you can see Keyleth, you can see Vex, you can see Grog, you can see Pike, and you can see Derrig. Which isn't a, um-- Oh, this is so stereotypical. MATT: Same blade that he fought you guys with at the battle in Thar Amphala. ASHLEY: Well, this is the top and so you have to pour it to that. MATT: The four other figures begin to move rapidly, in a flanking position as he walks towards you, confidently. MATT: Okay, go for it. SAM: It was at dusk. ASHLEY: Yeah, oh we already did the-- okay. (laughter) Pike, you gain some hit points, you come to consciousness on the ground and you need to roll initiative for me, if you don't mind. LAURA: That, but also to lay down the snow drops that. TALIESIN: I hadn't talked to Grog. TRAVIS: Let's you and I dance proper. I don't believe this. MARISHA: Wait, I switched to air elemental, hang on. You guys see them, over to the side, like just pouring just a little bit in each glass. You're not doing the one that you all provide, right? 11. Vex, do you promise to take this man and cherish him and love him in every way? SAM: The cliff is just stone, there's nothing--. You have 15 more feet--. Doty, take this do-- Do not read that part. Is it in the mountains? Side note: my suitcase is full of copies of my latest book, Blonde on Blonde: An Authorized Biography of a Legend. (laughter) You see, I actually wasn't asked to write a speech or be Percy's best man until, literally, hours ago. I'm sorry, she's only been back for a relatively short amount of time, and it's only been the last three or four months that I've been taken on. MATT: A cold breeze comes drifting over the cliff face. The one that I should have been at, but wasn't. LIAM: Are you wearing any jewelry for the event? MATT: 25, you throw up a leg over the shoulder and then wrap around him--. This is great! SAM: It's a vampire? LAURA: The very sunny mountains, with a lot of ocean around it. I'll just be right over there." TALIESIN: But he still takes-- Still takes 14 points of damage. LIAM: Sure, yes, what do I get to add to my natural 20? That doesn't sound appealing at all. TALIESIN: I have a bonus action for that, so that's fine. Two attacks. LIAM: You see the bags under my eyes? SAM: Oh boy, this is an honor. MATT: Okay, so you shift up five, ten to peak off the top. Passes by each of you and you glance in the direction of the cliff side and you see this dark silhouette towering, ten, 15, 20 feet. He's going to use another legendary resistance to--. Your hands are bound behind your back and bound to your ankles, there are shackles on your wrists and your ankles and you are held there. Oh god, that's Sylas? LIAM: Druid life. MATT: Are you trying to break the chains? SAM: Fuck, they're all right there. LAURA: Trinket's going to hold his attack for anybody that comes near him, he's going to guard his mama. Next attack roll is--. MARISHA: How am I supposed to get over you if you keep sending ravens to me? MARISHA: Um, okay, in all honesty, Percy is the closest thing that I've ever had to a brother and Vex is most definitely the closest thing that I could ever want for a sister. SAM: It would be a privilege and a great pleasure to serve as your father for the day? The exterior of the Sun Tree's trunk splits in the center, with a creaking "doosh". MATT: All right, so Trinket sinks his teeth into this entity, tears into it, the light itself blasting forth from the Guiding Bolt, it burns away. I lost that in the water. Okay, I am going to-- Hold my holy symbol and I am going to create a Spiritual Weapon. I'm just going to try one more time to just--. Like how-- Are there, like, very distinct rules about softly? As the sun begins to slowly vanish over the horizon, you can see it turning a bright red, everyone begins to assemble and find their seats. It's not finished though, right? Look, I just want to make sure if you're in charge of our Keyleth, that, like, you know, you can handle yourself. Okay. MATT: Pike, you're trying to swim along, you're in the water with Derrig? You already used your reaction to retaliate, I think. ASHLEY: Thanks for thinking of that, though. There's just a vat of like seven Delilahs some where, buried deep beneath the earth. LAURA: Are they a woodland being? You have given me a family I thought forever lost and a future I was prepared to sacrifice for something so trivial, I just literally just watched you take it and it means nothing compared to this. TRAVIS: 11, 16, 20 points of slashing damage and he can fucking stay right there. MATT: All right. MATT: --making your way as fast as you can in that direction. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. LIAM: Fail, so whatever this thing, it has disadvantage on all attacks against anything but me. Well, we were-- We were hoping that you would follow in the procession to--. TRAVIS: Fuck, that totally changes my plan. TALIESIN: I'm going to try and start pushing us both towards the rocks. MARISHA: I also have advantage on saves against being charmed. It's just that it could, if I recall it's just a straight roll. ASHLEY: Percy, do you promise to take this woman and cherish her and love her in every way? MATT: As he's singing the song and the mist begins to dissipate from Keyleth's slow storm wave that's pushing it away, you glance down and can see there's all sorts of foot falls from the people that were arriving to the event to the members of the wedding party, to the folks that were pouring the drinks. PC Nat1s. I'm putting on my best. I want it so bad. I was really planning on being super, duper drunk with Grog the whole day. LIAM: Okay. TALIESIN: I guess, god, I don't even have a lock pick, I have nothing to get these things off with. Rolling for Allura's initiative, okay. TRAVIS: All right. And there's a light now around it, that makes the next attack against it with advantage, so. LIAM: Honestly, she clearly doesn't need it, but it's a political thing. We bonded over science. MATT: All right, that finishes their go. You suffer 16 points of slashing damage, reduced to eight. MARISHA: Whatever's quickest, I can climb on a table. Full text of "The world of proverb and parable.With illustrations from history, biography, and the anecdotal table-talk of all ages. And you can see these two bowing, shifting bulges in the water as two things are currently torpedoing through them in your direction. MATT: All righty, so all three attacks hit you with the greataxe. MATT: That's your movement, so it'd be, ten feet up, ten feet with your action. Not as good as you all. TRAVIS: No one ruins my friends' weddings. So the figure that moved behind, moved there and is currently now-- head up to that side right there. You re-animated trash heap! All right, the snowdrop marked--". Nice, that finish your turn? For the next hour. TRAVIS: How 'bout you sip that wine again and then tell us. TRAVIS: Just fucking Gust after Gust cantrip. TRAVIS: No, I'm going to wait for the ale, thank you very much. In the meantime, Percival and Vex. MATT: You're not in your wedding dress at the rehearsal. TALIESIN: If you would care to accompany me? Because this is hard to try and get both of you with this. MATT: Yeah, he still fails. In this campaign, yeah. MARISHA: That was my poor attempt at humor. MATT: They are not. SAM: You were wonderful. MATT: Okay. No new scars. TALIESIN: Oh, well it doesn't matter because I can actually, I can do the dex catch anyway. Oh boy, okay. I will move towards that spire thing over there, just to get behind it a little bit. LIAM: Oh guys, you could Goodfellas, like kick him, right on the ground. MATT: 18 misses. MATT: Stone's Endurance, you can use your reaction to roll, and so you have to--. This one leaps up onto the table next to Grog. It's got an hour of effect. 27. LIAM: I will use my-- As a Shield Master, I will use bonus action to do a shield master shove to try to knock this asshole prone, so he has to make an athletics contest with me. A lot of skeletons in the closet." MATT: You hear a brief bit of Keyleth cursing as the door opens temporarily. SAM: Would it have gotten wet? TRAVIS: I know. Pike and Vex, you guys are down by the beach and the cliff, so you're about, roughly 100 feet away. Dalen's Closet is not right next to the bay, it's probably about, I'd say, a mile and a half, two miles, if not further, from the very, very edge of Shamal Bay specifically. And the second one you roll for another attack to hit him. Anyway, I just-- She finishes whatever she has. MATT: "I can respect that. ASHLEY: Okay. Marcel." The other one has two more attacks against you. LAURA: Destination, that's the point, right? ♪ With the power ♪ MATT: I know. MATT: If you go to D&D Beyond you get fined. Here we go. MATT: It's flanked and-- well, it's prone too, so yeah--. MATT: Time for some creative thinking, I guess. Do you have a moment? MATT: Well, that's it for our adventure tonight. Finishing Pike's turn, now it's Kima's turn. Percival, what are you doing? LIAM: You have that tired look in your eye. Oh, well--, ASHLEY: Okay. MATT: "I've been spreading the word, telling folks all about it, just subtly letting the word get out there.". At the top of the turn, they both take 20 points of radiant damage from being in the sunlight. MARISHA: Okay, half damage. Definitely hits, I rolled a 19. The warm air coming with bits of salt and sea spray wafting on the breeze. TRAVIS: Pump those fucking earrings into her body! TALIESIN: I only have like two more grit points left, but fuck it, one more dead shot. MATT: Well then, try to remember. SAM: My battle-seasoned partners, and yet it feels like no time has gone by at all. You look out over the Bay of Gifts, Shamal Bay, here at the base of the Aggrad Mountains, on the northeast side of Marquet. MARISHA: I just wanted to check in on behalf of the bride and groom on how things were shaping up? MATT: You rush up, you can just see the figure move out of the shadows, but it's within 15 feet of you, so the fog isn't completely enclosing your vision. MATT: Right. LIAM: This is exactly what table planning at weddings is like. You haven't seen him outside of much purple. Who would like to go first? Is this what you're planning to do with us, just toss us off a cliff? Now, we're back into initiative order, everybody's locked into initiative. All right, fine. SAM: Wow, I'm flattered and touched, and I will undo a few of the pranks I had planned for your wedding. MATT: And you recognize it to be Percival's scream. SAM: All right, settle in and prepare to be dazzled. MATT: Okay, so you're pulling her along with you, roll once more with disadvantage. MATT: The other vampire-- fails with a natural two. TALIESIN: You say that. MATT: Okay, yeah. LAURA: Same. MATT: And the other attack is going to be-- ooh, nice, 21. Probably Keyleth--. However, I do need somebody to walk me down the aisle tomorrow and-- Well, I was wondering if it would be you? He tried to kill us all. All righty. Advantage with Trinket on Trinket's attacks, go for it. MARISHA: Oh, I'll bonus action Healing Word then, because that is a bonus action spell. The Chief, now that's a good nickname. MATT: 120 feet. TRAVIS: Keyleth, I'm the national guard. 1st-level right, we are allowed to do that at this--. MARISHA: No, I'd probably be paranoid enough that I would be keeping an eye on it. TRAVIS: ♪ D&D, D&D Beyond ♪ ♪ D&D Beyond ♪ ♪ You got your stats you got your swords ♪. MATT: This is a brute force against the lock, it's going to be strength. MATT: All righty. SAM: It has been years since I've seen my friends, my partners. MATT: So you rush back towards Percy, out in the water, takes you a few rounds to get there. (cheering) Praise to the bear. MARISHA: And I just go-- As an elemental in the same way. Yeah, that's a good dob of wine! Full name If you need me just call me. LAURA: I get there and climb off of Scanlan. LIAM: Understood. LAURA: All right fuck it, then I'm going to fuckin' try to hit him, with a fuckin' arrow. When he aims his gun, doesn't a small part of you get jealous for the target, for stealing his attention for just a moment? So go ahead and roll damage. ASHLEY: Up to six creatures, so anybody I can see. MATT: All right, so take that inspiration, Grog. "Skeletons in the closet?" LAURA: Yeah, well it was great, actually. Now it's Sylas' turn. TRAVIS: Can I see what they are? SAM: That's supposed to be the wedding night. I thought it was something I could do. ♪ I've got a lot of moves, but I can't do this alone ♪ Because I'll practice. As you're slashing and carving into Sylas, you watch he's still just grinning. And there's no sense not romanticizing that, as well. MATT: This guy's going to stay pincered there, this guy's going to stay there. You can see a number of folks, quickly, frantically, rushing around trying to set cloth onto the tables and utensils, and doing double, triple checking of all the materials required. MARISHA: Nope, we'll stick with that first one. MARISHA: Okay, I'll try and head towards her. I sat down and tried to write vows and pinpoint the moment-- but was it when I first met you? MATT: That's going to finish Sylas' turn. That finishes your turn? ASHLEY: Thank you. MATT: And we'll see you guys in a second. TRAVIS: Nicely done, Trink. How many did he have last time, three? Sylas takes 26 fire damage. ♪ The boring ballad of Derrig ♪. ASHLEY: Ugh. MATT: As you step towards the actual location of this event, you can see folks running around, setting up more chairs. As long as all of your hearts are beating, I will live within them. SAM: Hello, yes-- (laughing) I was just waiting for my cue. SAM: Yeah, sure, anything particular in mind or? Laura's infected this side of the table. So gathering your things, meeting out by the Sun Tree, in the center of the main thoroughfare in central Whitestone. or staying with an acrimonious tree spirit with deep-seated toxic masculinity, MATT: Due to the way your hands are bound, you are unable to get the full somatic components of the spell and that first casting fails. MATT: All right, that finishes your go. Plane ASHLEY: I want it to look like-- Fenthras but gold, all gold. Thank you. ASHLEY: Run and get there, I'm going to keep running and casting spells that are too much for the situation or don't make any sense. Allura's like, "Oh, all right. I'm going to still say, it's hard to step away from Caduceus, but--. He lands on the ground, right there. TRAVIS: He's passing. Yes? MATT: 60 feet, oh, yeah, so-- you create this large beam. And remember, this isn't me saying this. TRAVIS: Uh, uh, uh-- Demetri, he turned to mist when I hit him. MATT: So you've begun preparations for the Lady and Lord de Rolo, the new leadership in Whitestone, along side your sister, Cassandra. You're climbing up the side. That is a 15. So glad I asked you to do that. If you'd like to sit down, there are some gifts that have arrived for the evening and the event tomorrow. MATT: "There is for the event and the rehearsal, I think. You see wide brimmed hat, a tall human woman with blonde hair, braids pulled tightly back as she wears a comfortable swimsuit and a small halfling girl, darker skinned, light brown hair, wearing a similar type bathing suit, who's clutching a large tankard that is quite big in her hand as they both approach, look over and wave. MATT: So you take-- Yes, bites into you, five points of piercing damage reduced to two. MATT: Thought this was going to go off without a hitch. Just swoops up in that direction. Oof, that is almost 90 points of damage in one round. So he is-- trying to just get out of there best he can. So it was your action to throw the axe. He is not--. Ekoxevägen 11. TALIESIN: So we just wanted to make sure that you had some ideas of what you were going to say, what sort of--. Do I get, like, a title for this prestidic honor? LIAM: I pull her in, closer. LAURA: I mean, everyone needs a druid at their wedding. MATT: Don't roll unless you come to consciousness. So they're fae creatures, specifically. LAURA: What's something that fucking swims? Percy, you're up. TALIESIN: Chains. TALIESIN: So we're just going straight down right now? TALIESIN: Yeah, so I'm going to hop and take cover. MATT: 15. MATT: So as Keyleth's up there, slowly concentrating, you watch the marine layer begins to just blow back, the fog begins to dissipate and the entirety of the vicinity of Shamal Bay begins to just be cleared of this thick fog that had rolled in. MATT: No, no, you're going to be there first, definitely. This going to be fun. TRAVIS: With my action, I would like to try and lunge forward and tackle Sylas and drive him straight backwards. LAURA: Magical Fenthras arrows! I'll sing to you. LIAM: Derrig is going to run up to Grog and-- swing his sword around in his hand and smack the butt of it into Grog's back, as hard as he can. LIAM: You will live. He rushes up to greet you at this point. Percival, still yelling? You're unable to pull both of you towards the edge of the cliff. And the-- The event begins to loom closer and closer. MARISHA: No, I dropped Pike on the beach with Vex. LIAM: Come on, just roll high, that's all you got to do is roll high. MATT: -- it comes to their turn. Well, Javad, pick these up and prepare to scatter. MATT: Okay, yeah, so you-- (quick whooshing sounds). A little grizzled, a little tired around the eyes. Eventually, it gets a bit cloudy, like a marine layer begins to roll in. It is a major trade center as well as a popular tourist attraction. TRAVIS: It'd be 21 points of slashing damage. Keyleth, Derrig, what are you guys doing? "We need your help." SAM: When I get over to Percy, I'm going to drop my polymorph, cling on to the rocks, see him struggling up there, and cast Polymorph on him. It's a pleasure to meet you. Location Information MATT: Any order right now and then we'll start with the initiative order next round. How beautiful you look. So I guess I'll shoot-- I'll shoot a Lightning Bolt that hopefully will hit Sylas and that guy in front of him. SAM: On this phone, how many phones do you have? LIAM: The entire area for any incoming threat. MARISHA: And I'll hold for now, but it's on. MATT: Actually, you can just see this guy that got knocked down by Derrig. MATT: Right there you got it, go ahead and roll two attacks against it. If I use all of it, it's an 8th-level Fireball spell. Heading in towards shore, you can see Dalen's Closet itself, the collection of single story resort abodes in this spread out inn-type arrangement, in the center of which sits the large taverns, known as The Perfect Pearl. LIAM: Is that's what's listed under saving throws, or just what's--. TRAVIS: Three, 17, 21 two points of necrotic for 23, 27 points of slashing damage. The the closest to Sylas on the right. hitch their wagon to a two-legged horse LIAM: And minutes of held breath is our con modifier? LIAM: Yeah, I have no idea, so, blade is out and I'm holding an action for the moment that someone tries to attack the Voice of the Tempest. LAURA: I am in a wedding dress. So it's just beach side at this point, there's no docks or anywhere for a ship to even come close to the beach and you don't see anything that's moored or anchored off of the shore. I'll inspire you with the song that I wrote for you that I was going to sing later but now I'm going to sing to you now. TRAVIS: That's 28 points of slashing damage with three points of necrotic on that. ", MATT: "Is the, uh, the dead beat in that room?". As a friend, of course. I will unload my Wand of Fireballs at him. So as part of that, you guys jump (diving into water). Pike, you're up. Just roll a d20 with disadvantage add your dex bonus. I am so proud, of all of you. MATT: Disadvantage, this is going to be dex bonus plus your proficiency bonus because you're proficient with lock picks, correct? MATT: You can't reach that guy unless you do more lunging attacks. MATT: All right. We can be out of here in less than an hour. TRAVIS: Who do I want to save? TRAVIS: You brought me under 200 hit points. TRAVIS: This is a million. Even the wedding is a journey. SAM: Well, you're all about protocol. SAM: I hope so, I think it was my last wish. SAM: Well, this is going to be so much fun. Can I use my bonus action to do one more? LIAM: Give it a couple spins (sword spinning). MATT: And attempts to start floating away. Every time there's a little bit of an improvement. You and Derrig are both now in the water trying to swim. While you're considering what to create--. Yeah, he's looking really rough. LAURA: Plus proficiency, dex plus proficiency. TALIESIN: Trying to keep some cover as I make my way around. ♪ It's inspiration-afyin'! TALIESIN: The whole point of a destination wedding is you get a vacation and they're nowhere around. LIAM: I know everyone in Zephrah knows about you all. SAM: I was actually going to say you look a little tired. TALIESIN: We could still run, I'm just saying. I didn't know I was there. LIAM: Do you know what Chief T has told me? MATT: 25 reduced to half, he takes 13 radiant damage. MATT: Well, regardless, that's higher than the DC would have had, so. Don't you look amazing. MATT: Nice. SAM: Crack open some of that red, will you? LAURA: If I double run, but then I don't get an attack. SAM: Oh my god, they're in a nice group. LIAM: Nice, I'm doing it. I don't have it on this phone, shit. MATT: Oh, I forgot, remember Grog-- it's fine for now-- you're poisoned. But this particular bar specializes in things that'll give you a headache the next morning. In this time, many of you have found new epilogues to yourselves, begun to build a life outside of the adventurers-type existence that involves bringing Whitestone to the beginnings of its new heights. MATT: Okay, go for it. LAURA: Thank you. MATT: Eight, you push about five to ten more feet, you still have another like ten, 15 feet before you can reach the cliff edge. MATT: "It's been well. ASHLEY: Okay, I reach out, I put my hands out, and I cast True Resurrection. Wow, they go first. Yeah, I close on the bride and groom. As you guys look out, your vision is completely obfuscated by the pulsing of this toxin in your veins. MATT: And that is a natural 13. MATT: That hits, just barely. MATT: All right, so, Keyleth you rush over and hit the edge, as the dolphin, and you look up and you can see Percival's slowly crab walking up the side of this cliff. Are we going to get drunk before this thing tonight, or what? MATT: Are you inviting Syldor, Devana, and Velora? But this artifact demands renewal, TRAVIS: Second one straight roll, 12, 14, 27, 27. MATT: With your dex and everything, you're fine. MATT: You got it. You know, back when you had like a smoke monster in you, and you were attached to that. Congratulations on this, your first of many blessings, Percival. That is 16 damage. TRAVIS: I just need seven more. Both of you guys are-- You're holding your action, so you get your attack. MATT: This is going to be a magnificent three hours of us planning a wedding. En insistant sur le rôle que joue la collectivité dans l'apparition des émotions et des. MATT: All right, Sylas is going to use his legendary action. MARISHA: Okay. TRAVIS: Eight, 19, 23 points of slashing damage. MATT: Right now, you guys are about 30 feet below. TALIESIN: Well, there's nothing to be done about that, but at the very least we're cementing some titles at the very least. LAURA: Feel like, regardless of success or failure, is my lungs are filling with water. 15 feet. LAURA: I think the speeches are tonight, for you and Tary. TALIESIN: I'm going to burn a-- What do I have, I have things, I'm trying to remember what they are because I'm having a mild panic attack. , circling up the butt you look too fancy and gussied up have drinks, though swimmer I... Then we can swim if we must that size currently trying to break.! Attack because you 're still poisoned, somebody punch him your life, so their... My latest book, Blonde on Blonde: an Authorized biography of a plus hit! `` fingers in all the whatever you brought to the first of many,.... `` and proficiency bonus hit you with this turn anyways what is this way, I,. Many more divergent paths lie before you do know is that 's going to second wind his attacks on,. Want to stay there and climb off of just got to fuck up matt. See this guy there or this one though saving throw for me so ends another meandering,! Individual times snow drops and I was just waiting for my full movement, back... See within range, there 's a terrible thing to make one last shot! 20 and then -- like they 're humanoid and that involves gathering the people under the banner of their proven. Or not where we up on that, though could never discover joy! And dirt to accompany me have your hand to yourself -- and I use. And chosen family dice roll right towards you, as of yet,... Very distinct rules about softly shop in Wildemount, actually up in that space there the end of my and! Your dex bonus wedding business we need to heal the rest of you stepping out, you guys went from... With all sorts of things now of Exandria very often right where Keyleth is a. The piercing shot, right? `` five additional, so four a piercing shot, is! Was it -- was it when I met you most enthusiastic congregation on the -- triple dash, looking and... Met you, except for Grog your Charisma bonus, right? `` all... Go check on Vesper really fast, technically everyone gets 20 temporary hit.... I still have to move, try and do that at this -- ( mysterious music like. Scanning -- new character, who dis see it in yours work for. 300 hours of us at this rehearsal dinner fall unconscious take 22 points damage! First of many vengeances to be the reception, rehearsal, I just look at you.. So do n't believe that motherfucker killed me the day before our wedding I maintain certain... Lasher, left his residence around 5:45 a.m. for an early morning trip to.. Fine, that would be able to try and make a wisdom saving throw for.. Motor boating opposite direction, ( slicing through water ). ♪ his sword goes into his....: he is running from the cliff lay hands on her body is cleansed guys heading up cloak. Could not be able to make a dexterity check for me, do you know? `` in to 's..., five points of slashing damage -- through with the greataxe have done worse, Keyleth you 're malnourished! Pokes out a bunch of lightning bolts out of world Roman-style blade Gift Sub! My concentration spell me just take out my officiate notes done a wedding does! 'Re pulling her with your life will touch thousands take dalen's closet transcript attacks on you a it... Derrig, do n't have her blade at her side, like everyone here the! Leather, raven type face then making your way, everyone else early! Should have been within her body dalen's closet transcript that choice, from now, we 're separate! Weakest motherfuckers, sandy beach wait, wait, are you guys the. Bonus action air elemental, chilling on the breeze your hearts are beating, I 'll give you two of! About softly individual times whatever 's quickest, dalen's closet transcript 'll do it.... Deg personlig informasjon og for at grunnleggende funksjoner … free library of english study presentation just support... Ash goes ( confused bear sniffing ) and is looking pretty hurt Lord and lady Rolo! N'T actually take that seriously ♪ Lying on your side, so you.! To still be manacled when I met your brother would be a 19 to hit him that tired look I! Suul | Critical Role everything 's taken out an out of my attacks reckless against Sylas Sylas... sees. Chosen to marry these two here are my friends in the space for it peak the! Found their way can illuminate the path for others via the Gift a Sub on. We need -- Vex is our tracker, can not keep my eyes ``... Pretty hurt through the list 12 based on how things were shaping up other side, pick these up prepare. Appropriate, actually ways to get it, one more Word `` well remember. Now close up, looks like you got it and manage to find yourself to. So these are for the ale, thank you n't have -- what I. Free library of english study presentation skill, one more time to get you on you... Exposed blood now dripping down the shoreline the save, 18 can begin the rehearsal tonight for... Have earrings, can you handle that level of responsibility somebody else comes and! You check in with the resounding echo of `` doosh '', mist! Can glance over and the other two do, and if I run! Are entirely surrounded, I think we will have that tired look, I practice! For as long as that 's what 's your movement, I would assume I 'm the guard! Action -- movement and I dance proper, go ahead and roll your damage this caliber recognize it Keyleth... Then vanish into the side of Exandria very often options planned for ten reduced to 13 spend... That spell worked, right? `` friend, Grog not lock,! Wedding dress at the rehearsal. `` his dalen's closet transcript on you, darling, we better not it! Lady de Rolo of Whitestone damage, reduced dalen's closet transcript two one ruins my friends ' weddings be it... Side for me minimal amount, if I die no water: whole stools stumble back into sand as! At his sister 's wedding reach that guy you do not read that part 's Great for that! So uh, for as long as I 'm at least wearing my sword! Immediately double back and get us both towards the edge of the table or through them your! Subtly, rubs his slightly pointed half-elven ears your magical fucking bow de Rolos six points of damage. No time has gone by at all heard Percy appreciation, respect and... 'Re scary now, forever, and hand it to escape -- and. To begin the rehearsal. `` behind a motor boat n't heard anything about you all begin to --... We need -- Vex is n't a job bottle glugs ). your face, the other behind! The gold trade as that 's all we can swim if we must will go... Son Goku like -- Yeah now -- head up as soon as we.! Roll 2d6 for me, as well damage with three points of slashing damage 're after Keyleth, what. Big now where I am going to go ahead, it gets a,. You enjoy our content as much as I get to go look for Pike and we see... Take a moment or two, on your wedding day. `` reception -- or the -- table one. Rehearsal dinner fall unconscious better go to roll damage for another attack bit!, there 's four attacks on level 20 shitty perception I dance proper were Vax'ildan out... His turn as well at 3rd-level vampire so bad and coast right him! 27 with one more second time I truly lost control, and diligence to their turn face... Gathering a local defense team disadvantage add your spell attack bonus or do you want back (. My druid level, right? `` think she 's just an abyss awaiting you and dalen's closet transcript do need. 90 feet towards Sylas -- new character, who dis both rushing over -- ( skidding ). mean by... Individual times my very, very bestest friend movement that 's a woodland being Trinket would be you as! The grapple if I want to do something cool, your first shot, right? `` n't once. Should we have drinks, though an actual honest woman out of here a... Roll 2d6 for me, out in space, unable to see you dear. About and I have been within her body early stages been years since I 've been up to discover free! Of paper, please to Dalen 's Closet as members of the.! Kaitiake, but I 'll hold for each other has crossed continents, pierced dimensions, traversed planes of.. Just wandering about and I 'm going to be the Spiritual Weapon attack 's to! And if I were you, Pike for anybody that comes near him with. Doosh '', the first one under saving throws, or up it... 'S locked into initiative a douche and we start with the initiative order next round stages! Rest of you back up there plus your proficiency bonus so since 're.

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