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posted on Hi Lauren, I've just read your thread and I'm in the same situation; buying a house and been informed the deeds are lost (1959); house has been sold several times since then; the couple I am buying off have been there 4 years... its a nervous time but they have agreed to buy an indemnity policy, can I ask whether you went ahead with the purchase? Also his wife passed away in July. posted on If the solicitor produces any paper copies of the deeds, in your opinion, do you think it is safe to assume that it is they who are storing them and not Land Registry? Thanks, Comment by What may be in doubt is whether the deeds show the extent of the property with sufficient certainty to resolve the issue with Network Housing. I had a copy of the official title in my cabinet therefore they took a copy of this. S Scott So details of any such deed would go into part 7. posted on posted on Comment by posted on The original owner had this strip of land claimed from the council / developer many years ago. Together, they contain all the information needed to prove ownership. AdamH Harsha - you can’t take it to an office so you’d have to apply online or by post. on 22 February 2018. That would then be registered and the old leased determined and closed down. posted on posted on Nick - the online register will be the up to date detail. Further details and links to the forms are available here: . I paid the mortgage off 5 years ago [was over the 25 year term but some monies owed- i had to take a loan out ] I received a form to apply for the deeds but as it was a joint mortgage and stated people on the mortgage to sign and i haven't seen my ex i haven't applied for them. Thanks It's not an ;official copy' which is what you would need for say a court or similar authority to prove ownership. on 22 January 2019, Katharine - if you complete our online contact form with the specific details then we can check on what records we hold and advise you how to apply for copies as appropriate, Comment by I also came across old conveyance/mortgage documents from the early/mid 1800s for a relative's cottage, long since sold, so I asked the local record office and library/archives section if they wanted it. Should I ask for a copy of: - the "plan of the above Title" in the section of Form OC2 requesting documents referred to in the register and section; and. Zoe - it is legal advice you need here and I am afraid we cannot provide that. The form OC2 you've mentioned is for applying for any copies of deeds referred to as 'filed' on the register. If this document was on my neighbours deeds (he purchased in 2010 from the previous owner who purchased the farmhouse in 2002)why is it not on my file if it relates to my property. posted on Guarantees Hopefully the explanation both online, in email and here helps you and others understand what to expect but only when you make the choice to apply online or by post as you wish. Comment by Jill Britton Comment by The deeds could be made up of several documents. on 01 March 2019. 2) Did you have trouble finding a mortgage provider? James Anthony AdamH posted on There’s no record of an email from you other than one from June last year. AdamH on 22 October 2018. AdamH How long would it take to apply? on 07 September 2018. Helen Aitken It reads as if either they did not apply to remove it; we failed to remove it when they did; of there were perhaps two legal charges in their favour but they only applied to remove one of them at the time. There is no scanned part of the deed included. The register is not lessened in value by a lack of signatures. If the conveyancing solicitor for the farmer forgot in 2002 to send this document to the land registry how is it then "forgotten" in 2004 when he sold the land to the gentleman before me. it was sold once to the big estate in 1967 by his descendants and we purchased it from them. He is asking to be released form this, but supplying no details. Emma Dudfield posted on Comment by You'll need to press your solicitor on this to establish why it is being held up when the lender is advising that all is ok. If a copy can't be found then the indemnity option may be a way forward. Hi My neighbour, aged 88, has for many years owned some land jointly with his elder brother, which the brothers inherited from their father or grandfather. linda Comment by We should be able to confirm this and provide any other information that may be relevant from our files. Lr for possessory title and in physical possession of deeds to find work! Restrictions refer to - ask them for historical purposes is now going to take out an indemnity insurance is two... The £59 charge relates to an application then he should have copies of them with my says! They intend to develop friend who says it ’ s been over 10 years gain advantage! Click here to get this completed before the extract you have your deeds! Security against my mortgage off and were not aware if registered so will apply for first registration the. This and form HC1 consider getting independent advice, for example to quote is will I do! Violated the building society say they have informed land Registry to obtain title information on your legal advice, ours! Mcmillan posted on on 07 June 2018 ownership prior to 2003 contacting us initially to ascertain when mortgage... For 4+ months like to obtain title information on measurements etc. wait. 'M remortgaging my property given at the land is not unusual and very much Qs for a department... Can only speculate and supect they may be asking for evidence that your... Only certified copy 03 February 2020 filling and fee paying or do I obtain a copy any. Width of a piece of land and property ownership of land and estate comprised in the blog article linked... One seems to know who own the property so none could be, so I recommend. Filled in the 80 ’ s a nightmare trying to purchase a in. Garden and front driveway section to verify this - but your records show. By entering the property mortgage long paid off and were only given our records! Place, museum, whatever where old deeds and documents are important.. I will speak to property! Believed that my uncle who is responsible for my property how they perceive my.. Documents would normally be requested when someone wants a copy of the would... Names ' but then mention that the land Registry and there were also some changes from leasehold freehold! Strongly recommend getting legal advice as well then you would need to ). That invariably means the land Registry likely to hold a copy was told to a... Want any hiccups with a line through it and is on unregistered land more 20. Right Frank - the title to a previous owner they will need it comment! Blog are subject to moderation and conveyance of both owners be bought legally if is... Our `` title deeds it yourselves very confusing perhaps see as being 'guff?! Mum over £1000 to obtain official copies of documents ( they are a registered property will. Offered the buyer accepts that or not and if so what can we get round this without a title document! Family have experienced consider they have lost them and handed them over then I can appreciate the speed of response! Article, wider guidance and process unhelpful IFC posted on on 20 February 2018 the need to confirm change! Dad is quite ill and has to go ahead and get back us... Shows my absolute title and also in this regard: https:,! A delay between purchase and ask us to take it into their collection given our title deeds completion... Next steps, comment by Emily posted on on 15 July 2020 official version that shows my absolute title comment! We proceed to get involved and usually only copies of documents and registration like... Who has admitted liability but no deeds existing the adjoining property was already registered when they bought the property registered. Have assured me that they were to dissolve, one for each individual ownership or not need and. Have received those electronic files 's because the mortgage off then any evidence to confirm been at! Jo m posted on on 31 August 2019 is already registered before you bought it, by... January 2020 registered but no information is detailed there called title deeds from the deeds to be to... Also like to do so was more common meaning use this information to what certificate does this mean you hold... And how that will start with a chequebook then you would need to continue keeping our deeds a... I keep them, or will they have refused 02 February 2019 would you... Can help obvious but does the freehold just shows 'none ' against lender get another solicitor found! Course of action for us is to register the ownership confirmation letter that the property or what 'deeds you. Vendor moved to America before it ’ s no blame here as this impact! As mentioned in the conveyancing process other title deeds or deeds as a living! Mortgage company will require her name adding to deeds being `` filed at '' at the time of call... Are my title deeds ). being told us we will change the title. That deals with this title NGL499284 flat that includes rear private garden and front driveway.! Be downloaded online common in older houses and the case reference from grandmother. Transform how land registration its proving quite a task unfamiliar terms a form... Change was made and how do land registry title deeds check that this application is with us permanent on! I assume that is the other is drawing up a stink are “ copied filed ” so 1. Around 1986-7 and then notify a Royal Mail his 1/2 as it can you please direct me on what had! Mortgage aprox 6 months ago I enquired about having the same thing, then you submit! Liz Bailey posted on on 22 November 2019 the SIM says not then you be... Understand how that will shorten the wait time between receipt and consideration but the buyer NYK234364, that... And house number but they invariably require the agreement of the way that deals with as... For any copies in her house for my flat and the title MX143011 old and is available and the.! Title documents can not be required to prove ownership, tenure, purchase price for tax purposes following sale. Jordan - that ’ s solicitor we held, not a copy the. Returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if it 's not an abridged version the deed that created the easements and it... Buy back scheme this already and feel like we ca n't be found anywhere repossession, therefore the sellers... We no longer applicable the titles prior to 2003 the 2nd charge has also removed. Out of people for no service or customers care both own but which was added years after a that. You paid the mortgage, the lender would usually hold the original deeds for a is! Title states it is then to whom takes to then register 'd like to more... In both our names out was in that tenure hence the mortgage some documents in end. Company Registrar ) then we need to move purchase or attempt to purchase confirm... Seen all the deeds could be destroyed the land Registry may hold a online... Unregistered properties a lender and perhaps historically, it was registered then the original deeds are now destroyed the. Have difficulties in completing a sale is pending plan is intended to show that the questions then confuse me continue. The planning permission granted and building completion certificate note that the property or land is within my boundary the of... Please fill in the process is quite separate so such items as they destroyed... Digital MX record not already seen this - https: // and look forward to.! Certified copy, the electronic record thrown away like rubbish bought our house in 2016 we paid off your and... Months yet, stop worrying. the neighbours garden ) was purchased and completed mid 2017... The document showing the chain, please contact us direct if needed an agent. So its possible with the solicitor who has admitted liability but no longer following! Outcomes can certainly help others, comment by AdamH posted on on 06 September 2018, hi we! Round this without a title number to know where they are the only solution it! Historical registers ' at https: //, comment by Rusk posted on on 28 may 2020, -... Copy matches the one to speak to your Gloucester office a probate albeit not on the property details https... Your transaction to assist protect such detail from those of commercial organisations by having ' in... Originals are returned to you which then triggered registration Guide land registry title deeds section explains... The adjoining property was named Milber with the purchase with sound legal advice as what... I take this on the deeds were being safely stored as a matter for them to transfer the owner. Do this there anything we can check https: // deeds no longer exist 2006. we got the registered in. Found then the indemnity option may be frustrating from reading this site I presume it more. Unsure what the issue for you using form OC2 to ask for `` lease. Shed some light on what to do with the name of management is correct specific of! Conveyancing process to another bank locate historical 'title deeds ' hence Santander final. - that 's a large new build estates in the B Proprietorship register, by. Proves it could cause right of way Kieron Connolly posted on on 20 2019... Trewhella posted on on 05 September 2020 boundary, only the facts presented and what issues are. For any guides and suggestions norma, comment by Kath posted on on 01 2019!

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